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I'm in my work clothing (Pj's and Bunny slippers!)

Hey party ppl, toon will be up in a sec, been trying to dust off my old ebay account, create a new auction template (OMG SO CUTE!) and I'm working on a new design for my twisted bunny site.  I think thats like 10 years old, eep! hahaha

Anyway, I'll be listing a bunch of paintings on ebay on Friday, but if you're interested in any of them before then, let me know!  The current list is here with the prices for you guys.  They will be a bit more once they go onto ebay because of stupid listing fees. You can send me an email here or at dioxazine @ gmail.com. :)


I also was able to put up a few photos from the trip and the crazy guy who walks his cat at my old apartment... Enjoy!! :D


yea yea, toon time... I'm on it. :) 
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We there yet??

We are in Sheridan, Wyoming!

Yesterdays trip went well, only saw a few thunderstorms at night.  Always fun when you can see for miles and miles!  We stopped by the Badlands which were amazing, though I will admit I was a bit too scared to go to the edges. :P

Then we had lunch in Wall because the entire time we were driving through Wyoming we kept seeing billboards for Wall Drug.  It was a cute little (tourist trap) town. :) 

After that we went down and checked out Mount Rushmore, I was a bit shocked, I thought they would be a little larger but it was still cool to see.

Now Deadwood was AMAZING.... Don has me wanting to watch the show now. :P 

Today we're going to try to make it to Coeur d'Alene, so lots and lots of driving is to be had.  So I guess I should go!!!
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So many farms!

Yay for snagging net access!! :D :D :D

Friday we left around 2 and got about 450 miles in, which put us about at Toledo, Ohio for the night.... then we figured out all the cool places we wanted to see in South Dakota so we busted our asses today and did over 800 miles, putting us in Minnesota (about 50 miles from Sioux Falls, South Dakota). :D

We're hoping to do about 400 miles tomorrow morning so that we can check out Badlands State Park, Deadwood, Mount Rushmore and maybe Devils Peak if we have time.  We have high hopes!

We drove through a pretty rocking thunderstorm tonight though, it was seriously surrounding us... it was awesome!! 

Anyway, its kinda late and we need to get up early so.... wish us luck and hopefully I'll have some pictures tomorrow! :D

PS:  Noc you suck, that is all. :P
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It's Moving Day!!!!!!!!!! :D

I have been packing and cleaning my butt off this past week... man it sucks, but Don is here and we're going to be leaving in about 3 hours! OMG!! hehe

Anyway send lots of good weather vibes and I'll try to update this along the way.  At least there will be a lot of pictures in the end! :D 
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Change change change

Where the hell have I been for a few months?!  Well, I'm not very good with stress (as most ppl have figured out by now) and I have finally gotten to the point where I'm feeling a bit less stressed!  Why? 

I'M MOVING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

This is where you may ask yourself... wtf... where are you going this time?  What exciting location has she picked??

Maybe New York?  Take a bite out of the big apple?  Naaaa... too overdone.
How about California?  Baby have you seen my skin?  I'd fry the second I'd get out there.  NEXT!

No my friends.... we're going to the exciting state of Idaho!  Coeur d'Alene to be exact. :D


I'm not joking...

stop laughing.  :\ 

Yes, I am moving to the great state of Idaho, I'm going to be rollin in the tators and jammin with the spuds!  (please stop laughing)

I have quit my job (I'M OUT OF HERE BITCHES!), canceled my lease (THIS APARTMENT SUCKS!), canceled my cable/tv/phone (WTF IS THERE TO DO NOW?!), and transfered my utilities to my landlord (HA HA, YOU'RE PAYING FOR MY SHOWERS!).

The oh so lovely the_real_sorrow is flying out and we're going to road trip it back to Idaho on the 30th of May!  Lots of pictures will be taken and if we can (steal) find internet access I'll try to post them along the way. :D

Now you may ask.... where will zeke be during this drive?  He's coming with us, pink bag and all!

I'm trying to downsize everything as much as possible (since, everything is going in my car!!!) and I currently have a TON of paintings.  If you're interested, drop me an email and I can show you what I have.  I'd like to sell at least half of them before I leave so if you want a super amazing great deal (most paintings will be $10-$30), please email me! :D  dioxazine@gmail.com

I hope everyone had been doing well!! :D <3
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